Katherine J. Collmer, M.Ed., OTR/L, is a pediatric occupational therapist who owns and operates a clinic that specializes in the assessment and remediation of handwriting skills. She can be contacted via her website, www.handwritingwithkatherine.com.

Can we practice handwriting without a pencil, please?

Let me start by saying that I’m probably one of the few pediatric occupational therapists who needs help with arts and crafts!  No, seriously!  I am so thankful for the many wonderful websites and blogs whose authors share some of the most incredible activity ideas with me!  And, Pinterest?  Well, I’m not really sure what I did before I joined that nifty “sharing and storage” site!  But, with that said, I can honestly say that I could not function as {Read More}

What is it about cursive that can make us crazy?

Cursive handwriting is like a sleeping dog…don’t wake it up unless you want to hear some barking!  As innocent as it may look, it conceals a great deal of energy and power.  It certainly must because it can cause a lot of discussion among handwriting advocates.  Discussion is a good avenue for sharing and learning and that’s just what we found with the publication of my previous blog post, “Cursive Handwriting’s Link to the Leaning Tower of Literacy.”    In {Read More}

Cursive Handwriting’s Link to The Leaning Tower of Literacy

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” (Frederick Douglass)     One of my favorite quotes is from an article in the Journal of Education Psychology, titled “The Role of Mechanics in Composing of Elementary School Students:  A New Methodological Approach.” (1)  It goes like this: “Reading is at the heart of education, the basic skill upon which all others are built.” The authors’ next sentence, however, makes me smile: “Learning to write letters and spell words {Read More}

Meaning and Mindfulness: Occupational Therapists as Mindful Mentors

  April brings with it tulips and daffodils, Spring showers, and National Occupational Therapy Month.  But to be fair, April also shines as an honorary month for other special causes as well.  This is the month to spread the word about Poetry, Child Abuse Prevention, Autism Awareness, Minority Health, Stress Awareness, and Humor…just to name a few.  As an occupational therapist, with an eye toward collaboration and community, it isn’t difficult for me to recognize the intricate way that all {Read More}

Body language is a work of art!

      “What your body says to me is more accurate than what you say and it speaks to me before you do.  So always be aware that often we can tell  what you are thinking and feeling before you speak.”  (Joe Navarro)       Body language can be such an unfaithful friend.  And, at times, it can seem to work hard to double-cross us.  Both the movement and lack of movement that our bodies perform unveil our innermost {Read More}