Multi-Matrix Game

I originally heard about the Multi-Matrix game when I took a class on handwriting and the instructor showed us how to play it. The game was created by a Developmental Optometrist in San Diego, and it works on visual perception and visual processing while adding other sensory motor components to increase the challenge. The game is made up of white cubes and larger colored cubes, and the cubes have different things on each side, such as numbers, letters, shapes/symbols, dots, {Read More}

Mancala played with pom poms

I wanted to play a game with a student that would use spring clips in order to work on finger strengthening. I got little pom poms at michael’s (a craft store), and we played the game of Mancala . Her hands were quite tired by the end of the game. We will play some other games and see how many we can come up with that can be played with pom poms as the game pieces and use the clips {Read More}

Coloring at a higher level

Coloring pictures is good for hand strengthening, and visual motor skills. I have some coloring pages that will challenge anyone’s fine motor skills and visual motor/visual-perceptual skills. These are called altair designs, and I have a book that my mother gave me from when she was an art teacher. As you look at the designs, you see different patterns. How you color the picture will bring out a different pattern. I have an example of one that I colored in {Read More}


I have never played the Sequence Game until last weekend. It has some fine motor aspects to it, but I think that the biggest challenge is visual perceptual. You draw cards and have to find the matching card on the game board and put a chip on it. The goal is to get five chips in a row, or a sequence. It is hard to find the matching space on the board and requires a lot of visual scanning. I do {Read More}


Where has this game been all my life.  Actually, I played this game as a kid, and I have played it as therapy in the past, but I just re-discovered it as a therapy activity.  It is a perfect game for in hand manipulation skills or for fine motor in general.  You could also work on range of motion and reaching, depending on where you place the board.  It’s great to have the mental stimulation of a game while working {Read More}