Piggy Bank

Money money money money. MONEY. Sorry, got distracted by a song in my head. You don’t have to be limited by access to a piggy bank. Money is great for in-hand manipulation, and you can just reach into your pocket and use the coins that you have. I carry around a little bank with fake coins because I don’t want to have to go digging in my wallet every therapy session. Pick up coins with one hand, one at a {Read More}

Scooter Board Rope Pull

Wheeee!! Scooterboards can be such fun, but they are a lot of work. There is some serious upper extremity strengthening going on. Using the rope is good for kids who can’t quite propel themselves on the scooterboard yet. Knots tied in the rope make it easier for the kids to hold on. The easiest is for the client to lay prone on the board and hold onto the rope while being pulled around. The next level is to have the {Read More}

Tea Party

A tea party is fun for both young and old.  It is even more fun when you use a nice china tea set and fancy linens.  It can be really fun and motivating when real food and real drink is used.  Preparation and clean-up is of course a big part of the activity, and can really target visual motor skills.  It is never bad to practice washing dishes. There are so many skills that having a tea party works on, such as {Read More}