I have never played the Sequence Game until last weekend. It has some fine motor aspects to it, but I think that the biggest challenge is visual perceptual. You draw cards and have to find the matching card on the game board and put a chip on it. The goal is to get five chips in a row, or a sequence. It is hard to find the matching space on the board and requires a lot of visual scanning. I do {Read More}


Where has this game been all my life.  Actually, I played this game as a kid, and I have played it as therapy in the past, but I just re-discovered it as a therapy activity.  It is a perfect game for in hand manipulation skills or for fine motor in general.  You could also work on range of motion and reaching, depending on where you place the board.  It’s great to have the mental stimulation of a game while working {Read More}


I really want to pronounce this game Bloke-us, but I think that it is pronounced Block-us. Anyway, to the game. I bet everyone else has heard of and played this game before, so what rock have I been hiding under. This game is awesome for O.T. I got the “to go” version at Target , and not only does it require fine motor and visual perception to play the game, but it requires more visual perception to put the game {Read More}