Bugs In a Jar Craft

I started this craft thinking it would be so cute to cut out bugs and glue them onto a bug box like you caught the bugs.  This morphed into a jar, because a jar is see through, and a bug box is not.  It then morphed into a full game with clothespins and everything, but I will talk about that next week.  I wanted to have the game done this week, but time is running out and I have to {Read More}

Making heart butterflies

For a fun craft this year, I had the kids color hearts, cut them out, and make butterflies out of them.  I think that they made adorable little love bugs.  Maybe next I will create different bugs to be cut out, but for now it is butterflies. I had the kids glue their butterflies onto my base paper so that they could write at the side of the paper what their favorite thing about valentines day is.  Some of the {Read More}

Big Mouth Creature with clothespin to open the mouth

I saw these Big Mouth Critters on a blog called Whimsical Publishing, and thought that they were so cute, and that it would be a great activity for some of my students to do. Some kids need the challenge of following the folding directions and trying to make the creature themselves, but others have trouble with folding and do better if there are fold lines or similar to help them with the concept of where to fold. I figured if {Read More}

Building Animal Faces With Shapes

I have been working with several kids who have visual perceptual problems, and they have a hard time with some of the simple tasks. I am working on getting back to basics with them so that we can build on it. I wanted to have them put together shapes to make objects, and I made these animals with shapes. I have a bunny since spring is here, and I tried to make animals that used the same shapes so that {Read More}


Here is a post submitted by a reader: This is a good activity for drawing circles, handwriting, and cutting, as well as pattern recognition.  I created a “caterpillar head” print out and have the kids each color and cut out the head. Then, they choose three colors of construction paper to use to make the body.  They draw three circles on each piece of construction paper (9 total) about 2-3 inches in diameter. In the circles, they have to write {Read More}