Color matching velcro block fine motor toy

I love all of the recycling activities that the Recycling OT does, but I am not as good at saving items to recycle.  I used an empty tennis ball can, and put colored duct tape stripes on it in the colors of the items that I wanted to attach to it. I then put velcro on foam cubes and counting bears, with matching velcro on the can.  You can use any small item to attach to the can, and can {Read More}

Home Made Table Ice Hockey Game

This game takes a bit of time to put together, but it isn’t hard, and the materials are quite cheap.  I made the game originally to play in the pool, but I think that it actually works better played on a table, and I think that it would be fun to play it out in the snow too.  It is essentially like an air hockey table, but without air.  The puck can be a large piece of ice, or a {Read More}

Make Your Own Zoom-Ball

Every clinic needs to have a Zoom Ball since it is so great for working on so many skills. You hold the handles and pull them out wide so that the zoom-ball moves along the two strings to the person holding the other handles. In order to make your own zoom ball, you just need two water bottles, scissors, two long pieces of string, and some duct tape. You cut the spout top of the bottles off, string the string {Read More}

Pool Noodle Visual Motor Ring

I had a lot of pool noodles lying around, so I made a visual tracking ring to use with a marble. To make the ring, I bent a regular pool noodle into a circle and duct taped the ends together. Then I took scissors (but an x-acto knife would work better) and I sliced out a strip of the noodle so I could see inside of the noodle. I left the duct tape area intact so the circle kept its {Read More}

Pool Noodle Ball Run

I saw these pool noodles at the grocery store, and they had extra large holes in the middle. I just knew that they would work for an activity. I made a frame out of four pvc pipes, using duct tape to hold them together at the top. I then attached regular pool noodles to the frame to give something for the ball run pieces to attach to. I cut the large-holed noodles in half length wise to make the run {Read More}