Pizza Delivery Game For Following Directions

This game uses a floor road map that I made, and writing out and following the directions to get to different houses on the map. I made this huge road map on a new fabric shower curtain that I had lying around (don’t ask why I had a bunch of fabric shower curtains – that was another project). I made the roads out of black duct tape, put pieces of blue duct tape beside the roads to represent houses, and {Read More}

Button Push Ins

When working on buttoning skills, there is a progression of skill mastery. Pushing buttons or coins into a container is the first step. Putting coins into a piggy bank slot is the easiest, and then pushing buttons or coins into a recycled butter tub is the next. One reason using the butter container is good is that when you cut the slot, you just slice the container so that the hole that you put the buttons into is just a {Read More}

I Spy Bags

I spy bags are fabric bags with a vinyl see-through window in them. They are then filled with a filler such as plastic pellets, and small objects are placed inside and sealed up. A child then has to move around the inside pieces to find see all of the objects inside through the little window. I had my kids make two different no-sew versions of the I spy bag using a large zip-lock bag and duct tape. We filled one {Read More}

Squishy Marble Maze

I have seen this Marble Maze where you have to manipulate the marble through a path, and I made my own. I used duct tap, a zip-lock bag, some dish soap, and a marble. First I folded a strip of duct tape on itself, topsides together, so that I had a strip of sticky on both sides. I placed the pieces strategically inside of the zip-lock bag so that the duct tape created a path inside of the bag. I started {Read More}

Foam and duct tape pencil case

This craft is to make a pencil case out of a sheet of craft foam and duct tape. It is very quick and easy to do, and it is not messy. It does take some skill to put the duct tape in the right places. We used colored duct tape from Michael’s to make it pretty. You start by folding up the bottom so that it is roughly folded in thirds. You then duct tape the sides to hold it {Read More}