Spaghetti Painting for Sensory Problems

I have a few kids that I see who do not like food. I like to use food as a play tool in order to help make food their friend because they need to accept being around food, so using spaghetti noodles as a painting tool is a fun activity. Some kids love it immediately, and others need to do it a few times to even look at the spaghetti and then more times to even get close to touching {Read More}

Ice Painting

Summer painting wouldn’t be complete without a little ice painting. I started with a little ice cube tray that I put water in and a drop of food coloring in each space. I also put a toothpick in each spot so that when it hardened in the freezer, each ice cube would have a little toothpick handle. The kids started out using the toothpick handles, but they didn’t last long, so they painted by holding on to the ice. The {Read More}

Painting With Tiny Sponges

In my quest to paint with tiny objects, I had some kids paint with tiny cut up sponges. I cut the sponges into tiny pieces so that the kids would have to use a fine precise grasp. It worked well, but I used regular kitchen sponges, which squished down too easily between the fingers when picked up. Next time I will use make-up sponges, which are much denser, and I think would make great tools to paint with. You can {Read More}

Q-Tip Painting

When I think of therapy activities, I keep in mind what skill I am looking to improve. When trying to challenge someone’s fine motor skills, I try to come up with tiny things to hold. I figured that Q-tips were pretty tiny, so how about we do some painting with them. I made them even smaller by breaking them so that there was just a little bit of the stick to hold onto. Q-tips really are a great tool for {Read More}

Salt Painting

Salt painting gives an interesting twist to regular painting, and it makes good use of a glue bottle for hand strengthening. Before you get to the painting part, you squeeze glue onto the paper in the pattern that you want the paint to be in. You can either put the glue on free hand, or you can put it on a template that needs to be outlined. Before the glue dries, you need to sprinkle (more like pour) salt all {Read More}