Pom Pom Animals

When I was a kid, I spent hours making these felt and pom pom animals. I have had the pom poms in a box all these years, but could only find a couple of the hand made patterns that I used back then, so I made some new patterns. You print out the patterns on cardstock (and I laminated mine), then cut them out. You then trace around the pattern onto a scrap of colored felt (you could probably use {Read More}

Friday Share: Twisted Puzzles, adapted crayon, torn paper owl, and using cotton balls

Twist (literally) on Puzzles Part #2   from Your Therapy Source – www.YourTherapySource.com by Your Therapy Source Inc Your Therapy Source posted an activity that came from an idea on Pinterest about changing up puzzles.  Basically, using any picture or text that you would like, you can create a twisting puzzle.  Go visit them to see how to do it. How to make an adapted crayon   from Notes from a Pediatric Occupational Therapist by Abby Abby showed how she {Read More}

Using pom poms and cups for in hand manipulation

When working on in-hand manipulation, you need to hold small objects in your hand, so what better object to use than pom poms. In this activity I had two different colors of silicone muffin cups, and the same colors of pom poms.  Instead of just sorting the colors, You have to pick up a hand full of pom poms, and place the right color in the right cup.  To give a challenge, you tell the student which color to do {Read More}