Confetti Eggs

Confetti eggs are one of the most fun and best selling games at the fall festival at my kids’ school. The confetti eggs are regular raw eggs that are emptied, filled with confetti, and the hole is covered with tissue, and then painted. The kids buy the eggs and then break them over each others’ heads. It can be messy, with confetti everywhere, but it is really fun for the kids. They love to break eggs on people. Making the {Read More}

Tissue Tree

Start with drawing a tree trunk and some bare branches.  You can do this beforehand, or you can have the client do this. You then need to have little squares of tissue paper cut.  We used green, but you could use fall colors, or be creative with colors.  The next step is to roll or crumple the pieces of tissue paper and glue them on the branches.  One of the kids doing this craft wrapped the tissue around her finger {Read More}

Styrofoam and tissue paper flower

I found this craft kit at Joann’s, but it would be so easy to do it from just things you have around your house.  It is a piece of styrofoam with a picture of a flower drawn on it.  I am definitely going to keep styrofoam packaging now instead of throwing it away.  You then have little squares of tissue paper that you poke into the styrofoam to create the colorful picture.  It is a great fine motor activity, and {Read More}

Drawing flowers and cutting

I often as a basic skills task have  my students draw flowers, color them and then cut them out.  It is a task that I can have most of my kids in therapy do and then modify it for difficulty and change things if I want to work on one specific thing.  Sometimes it can surprise you by how hard a simple activity can be. I drew a flower that I wanted them to copy.  It is helpful to the {Read More}