Summer Ice Bowling

In therapy I use bowling as a part of many different activities, and to target many different skills, such as scooter board bowling, bowling in a swing, and bowling on a balance board. For summer, I thought we would try a little ice bowling. To prepare, we first had to put water into some water balloons (and added a drop of food coloring) and freeze them so that we had our ice balls. I used recycled water bottles filled with {Read More}

Game Made With Golf Tees and Marbles

This summer, we spent some time on Hawai’i, the big island. We had a wonderful trip, and while there we were introduced to the game Konane. It is a game that is usually carved into lava rock or wood, and the game pieces are black and white shells or stones. I reproduced the game by pushing golf tees into a cork board. It would be easier to use a foam board though. I placed the tees with 8 rows across {Read More}

Balancing Bugs on a Leaf for Fine Motor

Here is a cute little activity that combines in hand manipulation with fine motor control to place objects in just the right place. I made some leaves, printed them on cardstock, and laminated them to give them more strength. Then I balanced the leaf on a little cube. It is like the leaf is floating in the water. Then the students have to pick up small bugs, or squinkies and place them on the leaf one at a time, trying {Read More}

Garden Bugs Fine Motor Game

I started working on a craft for cutting out bugs, and it morphed into a complete game that includes catching bugs and using clothespins to hold the bugs in the bug jar. I am thrilled with the little bug jar, and they can stand upright using a stand made out of popsicle sticks ( Wood Craft Sticks), which then lets you use both hands to clip on the bugs. Each player has his own bug jar to hold their bugs. {Read More}

Bugs In a Jar Craft

I started this craft thinking it would be so cute to cut out bugs and glue them onto a bug box like you caught the bugs.  This morphed into a jar, because a jar is see through, and a bug box is not.  It then morphed into a full game with clothespins and everything, but I will talk about that next week.  I wanted to have the game done this week, but time is running out and I have to {Read More}