Adapting With Sugru

Have you heard of Sugru? It is an Occupational Therapist’s dream come true – really it is. These are the things that we dream about. Sugru is a mold-able rubber that dries in 24hrs, and is then very strong. It sticks to practically everything while you are molding it, so it is great for adapting things or attaching adaptations on to another item. It is dishwasher safe, so it could be used to adapt the handles of utensils or kitchen {Read More}

OT Life Hacks: #OTtips

In Occupational Therapy, our whole job is centered on making life a little easier and making sure that people can be successful.  Most of what I post about are activities to work on specific problem areas, but I have posted a few things that could be considered general life hacks.  Most of my tips are related to kids since I work with and spend most of my time with kids.  This month several OT associations are having an #OTLifeHack campaign {Read More}

Switchamajig ipad app and switch interface for fun switch toys

I was just introduce to this new switch interface which uses the ipad as a switch.  The Switchamajig Controller lets you use your iPad’s touch screen to replace up to six switches.  It looks pretty cool for kids who have the control to hit the different areas of the ipad.  The switch interface is not cheap, but there aren’t any cheep ones that I know of.  The app is free and included. Looking to find printable activities? You can find {Read More}

Low Tech solution from OT Tools

Another OT Blog that I enjoy reading is OT Tools for Public Schools.  She recently posted about using scrabble tiles for a student to write his name and do his spelling words.  She added velcro to the back of the tiles so that the student could stick them to felt. Looking to find printable activities? You can find them in the community shop