Things You can do at Home to Help Your Child In School

Being able to function and participate in school will mean different things for different kids. So, it is best to look at your child and see what it is that they will need to work on in school, and then you can support the teacher to help your child work on those areas.   First lets lay out what some of the necessary basics are for functioning in school. Bare Basic School Needs Sleep.  It makes it really hard to {Read More}

Working on More Button Activities

I have been working on more button activities and I think that my button S’mores are perfect for summer pretend play. I was able to get the marshmallow a little squishy and puffy by layering felt circles. I is a perfect addition to anyone’s felt food collection, and would be fun to practice buttoning on. A car or truck was requested, so I searched around and was able to find a good truck shape, and also added a shape to {Read More}

A Fun Summer Buttoning Ice Cream Cone

I have been working on a bunch of different buttoning activities and thought I would share the ones that I made this week. I made some bananas that you can unbutton from the bunch, an ice cream cone to button the scoops on, some pancakes with syrup and butter, and some eggs that you button the yolk onto. They are all super cute and would be great fun for kids to play pretend with their food while working on their {Read More}

New Button Pizzas and Patterns to Make Your Own

The button pizza, sandwich and oreo are so great for working on fine motor and motor planning skills in a fun way.  I ran out of the button food available in the shop quite a while ago, and have found it difficult to find a sewing manufacturer that is affordable.  So I have been developing a way to make the button food that does not require sewing. I am happy to share that the button food is now available in {Read More}

Work on Dressing Skills Through Play Activities

Dressing skills are the bread and butter of the Occupational Therapy profession, but not every setting or session is an appropriate time or place to have your client get dressed or undressed.  I used to joke around with a Physical Therapist that we hoped our clients weren’t going to incorporate the skills we were jointly teaching into a profession (standing, walking, and undressing).  I will frequently use the physical movements needed for dressing, and play a game using those simulated {Read More}