Build Me a Castle

No therapy gym should be complete without some legos and duplos. They are the quintessential fine motor activity. If you follow a pattern or design, they are good for developing visual perceptual skills as well. Even without making something specific, it is fun to see how tall you can build before it gets wobbly. As important as putting them together is pulling them apart. It can get tough getting the small pieces apart and can really work on finger strengthening. {Read More}

Clothespin Uno revisited

I have created my permanent clothespin UNO board, and had my daughter help me paint it and put the Velcro on it. I used $1.00 wood craft frames from Michaels so that when pinching the clothespins it will be easy to do because of the hole. Take out all of the frame parts, including the little metal pieces that are supposed to hold the picture in. We painted them with primer, then spray painted them. You could use it as {Read More}

Foam and duct tape pencil case

This craft is to make a pencil case out of a sheet of craft foam and duct tape. It is very quick and easy to do, and it is not messy. It does take some skill to put the duct tape in the right places. We used colored duct tape from Michael’s to make it pretty. You start by folding up the bottom so that it is roughly folded in thirds. You then duct tape the sides to hold it {Read More}

Let’s Write On the Door

The sliding glass door that is. With washable markers please. I will not be held responsible for the permanent marker on your walls. Writing on a vertical surface is great practice because it puts the wrist into extension and strengthens the arm muscles. It is hard to work on using just your fingers though when using a vertical surface, so you won’t be focusing on that dynamic tripod grasp. You can usually find a good surface to write on (just protect {Read More}

Crayola Model Magic

I love Crayola Model Magic as a type of modeling clay, but I love it more because it has many other uses. As a modeling clay, it has more resistance than play-doh, so it requires more strength to pinch and poke it. It air dries, and is very light once it has dried. I have made pencil grips out of it, and have used it on resting hand splints as a finger separator. Since it is light, it didn’t add much {Read More}