The right bite feeding therapy tool

How many kids do you work with that try to stuff a whole huge cracker into their mouth?  How many times have you been bitten when working on taking bites of food (never for me, but I have been bitten doing other oral motor activities).  Ark has just introduced a new product called the Right Bite that you can place food into, and only a small amount of the food comes out of the hole to be bitten off. It {Read More}

Mixing straw drinking fun with fine motor fun

How could you get any more OT than mixing an oral motor, ADL, and fine motor activity into one.  I found these build your own straws called Pipeline at Bed Bath and Beyond, and just had to try them.  They seem to be the same thing as the Strawz that I found on Amazon too. They come in a pack with clear plastic straw sections and the colored rubber connectors.  They are also dishwasher safe, which is very important to {Read More}

Having fun with straw drinking

Drinking from a straw can be a challenge for some kids, and it can be a scary thing for those who don’t know what to do or expect.  An OT friend of mine named Sharon mentioned that she and the kids love to use the Got Milk Magic Flavored Straws when working on straw drinking. The straw is filled with little flavor pellets that dissolve in the milk as it flows up through the straw to your mouth.  The ends {Read More}

Oral Sensory Seeking and Vibration

Most of the kids that I work with that have oral sensory problems avoid oral stimulation, and avoid food. I just started seeing a young fellow that is the opposite of what I am used to. This little guy is a sensory seeker, and he seeks oral sensation. He chews on everything, and he even uses the running vacuum to get extra vibratory sensation in his mouth. He really needs extra oral vibration. He already uses a vibrating toothbrush, but {Read More}

Vibration For Oral Motor Stimulation

I am seeing a little girl who enjoys eating, but she does not yet move her tongue to the side (tongue lateralization) in order to move her food around in her mouth. I will often use vibration in the mouth to stimulate more tongue and cheek movement. Sometimes I will have parents get a baby vibrating toothbrush to use (yes these are real), but for this little girl, I tried out the DnZ-Vibe by ARK. The great thing about using {Read More}