Why bouncing is good for eating skills

When talking about oral-motor skills and eating, you don’t usually think immediately of bouncing on a ball as a treatment technique. Well, think again. Bouncing on a large therapy ball, either supported or unsupported, stimulates muscle co-contractions. These muscle contractions are all over the body to achieve stability while bouncing, so the bouncing on the ball is increasing trunk strength, shoulder stability, and head and neck control. Many people will also stabilize with their jaw, which increases jaw strength. Any {Read More}

Chewy Tubes

Chewy tubes are the perfect shape and texture for practicing chewing and working on decreasing oral hypersensitivity. The long skinny shape is able to go back to the molar area in the mouth. A lot of baby toys are able to be gnawed on at the front of the mouth, but due to safety reasons they are built so that they can not go back very far in the mouth. This is good to keep kids from choking on toys, {Read More}

Quick Tip: Oral desensitization

Rubbing the outside of the gums is really important when treating oral hypersensitivity.  It can be the difference between success and failure in your treatment.  (see more in oral desensitization home program). Looking to find printable activities? You can find them in the community shop

Gag reflex or not?

I have done many evaluations for feeding and oral motor skills where I am called in because the child is gagging on solid food.  Many times this is the case, and we have to work on desensitizing to lumpy food, and work on oral motor skills so that they can move the lumps around in their mouths better.  There have been several cases though where the child eats lumpy and crunch food, but still gags sometimes.  It turns out that the {Read More}