Seated Balloon Volleyball

I have been working in skilled nursing this summer, and it is very different from the therapy that I do with kids. There are some things that transcend age groups though and that people want to have fun. What is fun for a child is not necessarily fun for an adult, so I have to search for the adult fun and motivation. For some adults, just exercise itself is motivation and fun, but others are not intrinsically motivated by exercise. {Read More}

Pool Noodle Javelin Throw

When working on visual motor skills, you can work on building accuracy with being able to hit a target. I used a pool noodle that I duct taped together into a circle. Then I hung it from a command hook over an archway. We then used a pool noodle cut in half as a javelin. To increase the challenge, we made the circle swing from side to side, and then tried to get the javelin in through the hole. To {Read More}

Pool Noodle Batting and Hitting Suspended Balls

Pool noodles make great bats, and have several factors that make them perfect for the job in therapy. You can cut them to just the right length for the person using them They are soft so if you get hit by it, it won’t hurt you They are fat, which makes it easier to hold on to for some people I like to use a balloon or beach ball, or even suspend a ball with a string for the student {Read More}

Pool Writing Using Sponges

The pool is a fun and important place to spend time in during the summer months. You can add some fun word activities and even incorporate some writing to the fun of summer. I cut up some packs of sponges (but you could use craft foam just as easily) into quarters and wrote letters on them with permanent markers. I had enough pieces of sponge to have the full alphabet 2-3 times. The kids that I had doing this activity {Read More}

Pool Noodle Visual Motor Ring

I had a lot of pool noodles lying around, so I made a visual tracking ring to use with a marble. To make the ring, I bent a regular pool noodle into a circle and duct taped the ends together. Then I took scissors (but an x-acto knife would work better) and I sliced out a strip of the noodle so I could see inside of the noodle. I left the duct tape area intact so the circle kept its {Read More}