Shopping Cart

A toy shopping cart is a very necessary piece of equipment when working with pediatrics. It can be used for many things during imaginative play, and makes the child forget that they are working. When you go shopping, you can work on walking with the cart assisting. You will have to squat to pick up things off of the floor, or reach up high to get things off of a high shelf. You can work on upper extremity strengthening depending {Read More}

Twistified swing

The twistified swing was invented by an 8 year old boy.  He won second place in the Invention Dimension Challenge.  Here is a video of him and his cool swing. Looking to find printable activities? You can find them in the community shop

I Spy Bags

I spy bags are fabric bags with a vinyl see-through window in them. They are then filled with a filler such as plastic pellets, and small objects are placed inside and sealed up. A child then has to move around the inside pieces to find see all of the objects inside through the little window. I had my kids make two different no-sew versions of the I spy bag using a large zip-lock bag and duct tape. We filled one {Read More}

Rice and Bean Box

When working on tactile defensiveness, playing with and touching rice and beans is often mentioned. First off, make sure that the rice and beans are dry and uncooked. We’re not having lunch here, we’re desensitizing. We use these because kids who are tactily defensive can’t stand the feel of sand or grass, so we won’t have much luck in a sandbox. We start with beans such as kidney or pinto beans. When they are dry and uncooked, they are fairly {Read More}