Seated Balloon Volleyball

I have been working in skilled nursing this summer, and it is very different from the therapy that I do with kids. There are some things that transcend age groups though and that people want to have fun. What is fun for a child is not necessarily fun for an adult, so I have to search for the adult fun and motivation. For some adults, just exercise itself is motivation and fun, but others are not intrinsically motivated by exercise. {Read More}

Angry Birds Toss Game

Throwing bean bags into a container is great for visual motor control, and even better when you have to aim at a specific target, such as toss across or similar game. I ran across these angry birds dog toys at walmart, and they are the perfect size for throwing at a target. I made a base out of a cardboard box, printed out some angry birds shapes from the internet (I did have to enlarge them first though), and glued {Read More}

10 activities to do on a scooter board

Using a scooter board is great for strengthening both the arms and the trunk / core.  Sometimes just being on the scooter board is fun all by itself, but other times you need to provide kids with a purpose and motivation to move the scooter board from one place to another. Here is a short list of some fun activities to do while on the scooter board. Body Bowling.  Set up bowling pins at one end of the room, and {Read More}

Using a Water Gun to Propel a Ball

I had recently used water guns to fill up a cup with water and make a ping pong ball rise. I was trying to think of other activities that use water guns because they can really work on hand strengthening. I had the guns, and I had the balls, so I had a group of kids that I work with try propelling the balls by squirting the water jet at them. It worked wonderfully and targeted both gross and fine {Read More}

Paper Towel Roll Marble Run

I ran across a blog that posts projects that they have done using only recycled toilet paper and paper towel rolls.  It is called  They have a post where they made a magnetic marble run using paper towel rolls.  It looks really cool.  Here is a picture of their finished product.  Go check it out and get all of the instructions. And on a therapeutic note, this would be great to work on fine motor skills with the marbles, {Read More}