Paper folded flowers

I like to work on many skills within the same activity, and these folded flowers definitely do that.  I discovered these via pinterest, and they are originally on Whimsical World of Laura Bird. I often have kids that need to work on writing small enough to fit into a specified space, such as writing answers on a worksheet, or filling in a form, so I added a writing box in the flowers for the students to write something that they {Read More}

Paper Toys Website

With higher level kids, I look for activities that will challenge them mentally as well as physically.  Paper folding can be challenging visual-perceptually as well as the difficulty with fine motor and manipulating the paper in the right way.  A cute website that has different toy patterns to print, cut, and fold out of paper is called The Toy Maker.  She has a whole page of free printables, and she has a book on amazon too called The Toymaker’s Christmas: {Read More}

cootie catchers

Today we did cootie catchers.  I spent some time making a template.  I will upload that with pictures and directions tomorrow. Looking to find printable activities? You can find them in the community shop