Creature / Monster Drawing and Writing

Lately I have been wanting to do my sentence memory copying activity with the kids that I am working with, and decided to modify it a bit to add monsters / creatures. I have used the monster drawing type of activity that I did in the Roll a Creature game, and added sentences to remember and copy. For the older kids, there is a word bank so that they can find words that they would like to use in writing {Read More}

Working on Letter Practice with Mud Paper

It is the beginning of the year, and it is time to see what the kids need to work on. When working on writing, I love to use the Mud Paper because it gives a very strong visual cue to work on making sure the letters are on the line. The kids love it when I tell them that their letters need to be stuck in the mud. We can start with the letter sizes, and I use mud paper {Read More}

Making Tents and Teepees with Writing Lines

When playing with the Munchy Ball with a young boy, we worked on making some houses. I tried to have him make a woven stick Teepee such as the one made by Timbernook, but our ground was too hard and we could not pierce it with sticks well enough for them to stay in place in order to do the weaving. So we moved on to craft sticks and duct tape, which worked well to make a tent style house. {Read More}

Fireworks Coloring to Practice Writing Lines

Fourth of July is this week, and what better way to practice writing different types of lines than drawing fireworks.  You can make fireworks out of different colors, and make squiggly lines, straight lines, curly lines, circles, and spirals. You can use colored pencils to color the fireworks.  I recommend that you use broken crayons and hold multiple colors in your hand at the same time.  That way you can work on in-hand manipulation while you are practicing the lines.  {Read More}

Using Paper Battleship to Work on Pencil Control

Last week I posted about regular (and mini) battleship games to work on fine motor skills and visual scanning, but have you ever played paper battleship to work on fine motor and writing skills?  Paper battleship is played the same way as regular battleship, but you have paper grids, and you have to use a pencil (or dry erase marker) to mark where your ships are, and where your hits and misses are. Each player needs two grids on the {Read More}