Pencil Obstacle Courses from School-OT

To work on pencil control, I created some Pencil Adventures.  When I started making the pencil adventures, I was inspired by the pencil obstacle courses that were created by another Occupational Therapist, Jennifer Dodge.  I now have her obstacle courses available here on Therapy Fun Zone, and I am so excited about it.  These ones are hand drawn, and are very creative.  Some of them work on erasing skills as well as writing skills.  There are 13 different obstacle courses {Read More}

Lava Worm Paper a la (B)e(LO)n(G) OT

Karen over at (B)e(LO)n(G) OT has been drawing Lava paper and using it to practice writing, so I made some for her in photoshop, and have been using it as well.  Karen has a couple of posts about using her paper, and I use it in the same way. When writing, all the letters have to touch the dirt, and the baby/small letters need to go up to the bottom of the lava line.  The tail letters can go below {Read More}

Paper folded flowers

I like to work on many skills within the same activity, and these folded flowers definitely do that.  I discovered these via pinterest, and they are originally on Whimsical World of Laura Bird. I often have kids that need to work on writing small enough to fit into a specified space, such as writing answers on a worksheet, or filling in a form, so I added a writing box in the flowers for the students to write something that they {Read More}


Here is a post submitted by a reader: This is a good activity for drawing circles, handwriting, and cutting, as well as pattern recognition.  I created a “caterpillar head” print out and have the kids each color and cut out the head. Then, they choose three colors of construction paper to use to make the body.  They draw three circles on each piece of construction paper (9 total) about 2-3 inches in diameter. In the circles, they have to write {Read More}