Guess Who Clothespin Game

This is a guest post by Donna Abramson, OTR Opening and closing clothespins is a wonderful way for children to develop strength in the muscles of their hand, particularly the webspace – which helps them to hold the pencil with a correct tripod grip. Using clothespins also helps children to separate the radial and ulnar sides of the hands, a prerequisite for efficient fine motor function. Guess Who (by Milton Bradley) is a fun game that I really enjoy playing {Read More}

Raindrops Clothespin Fine Motor Game

The raindrop clothespin game has a full game with game board, and it also has some simple clothespin matching activities. In both parts, you use clothespins to clip raindrops onto an umbrella. Here is the reversals umbrella free. For the matching part, there is a colorful rainbow umbrella that you match the colored raindrops to. There are two umbrellas with alphabet letters, and one with numbers. There is also an umbrella that has frequently reversed letters on it, and you {Read More}

Pond Jump Fine Motor Game With Munchy Ball

I have been doing a lot with Munchy Ball and realized that he could easily be incorporated into games the same way that I use clothespins in games. Munchy Ball is a ball with eyes, and a mouth cut into it that opens his mouth when you squeeze the ball. It has great resistance to work on hand strengthening while putting things in its mouth. I made the pond jump game because the mini insects are the perfect size for {Read More}

Snow Man and Hot Cocoa Fine Motor Activities

I live in sunny Southern California, so we have to pretend that we have snow. We can still enjoy some hot cocoa even though the temperatures are in the 70s. (I even wear a sweatshirt in the mornings). The rest of the country has lots of snow, so making snow men is an important and fun activity. I made this snow man game to work on fine motor skills, and it has several different games that you can play to {Read More}

End of the year favorite activities

The end of the year is here, and it is time once again to sum up the year and post a list of my favorite activities of the year.  As I look through the activities I find that I am surprised that it was only this year that I did those activities.  Time does fly.  So here they are, my favorite activity posts of the year. Monster Bowling   Cootie Catchers   Making heart butterflies   Ocean animal clothespin game {Read More}