Fine Motor and Letters With Munchy Ball

I wanted to use the Munchy Ball in a new game with letters so that we could practice writing and build fine motor skills and hand strength at the same time. I started with just cutting foam squares from different colors and writing letters on them.  I also made a color dice by sticking colored foam on the sides of a dice.  I had the kids roll a number dice to see how many squares of each color they needed {Read More}

Different sets of Munchy Balls

I posted a few weeks ago about the games that I have made to play with Munchy Balls (tennis ball heads).  Most people make their own balls, but many people would rather have them ready to go, so I have included some different packs of Munchy Balls in the shop alongside the digital download of the games.  I have the full game with four balls, bugs, dice, and printed game board.  I then have a pack of two balls, bugs, {Read More}

Pond Jump Fine Motor Game With Munchy Ball

I have been doing a lot with Munchy Ball and realized that he could easily be incorporated into games the same way that I use clothespins in games. Munchy Ball is a ball with eyes, and a mouth cut into it that opens his mouth when you squeeze the ball. It has great resistance to work on hand strengthening while putting things in its mouth. I made the pond jump game because the mini insects are the perfect size for {Read More}

Munchy Ball Motor Game

I have officially named my tennis ball head Munchy Ball, and I guess he is like a frog because he likes to eat little bugs. I made a little game to incorporate visual motor skills, motor planning, fine motor strength, and writing. I duct taped four little plastic tubs together and put a number in each one. Then we threw a squishy ball/bean bag into the basket. The number you landed in was how many bugs your Munchy got to {Read More}

Feed the Mouth Ball

I have seen this activity in several places, and decided to try it. It is a tennis ball with a mouth cut into it. You squeeze the ball to open the mouth, and feed objects into the mouth. First, you take a new, clean tennis ball and make a slit in it using an exacto knife. This part of the activity must obviously be done by the therapist (it is hard to cut through the tennis ball). Then you can {Read More}