Attaching a Chewy

Many kids benefit from using a chewy as a calming activity, and to use as a replacement for chewing on things that are not good to chew on. So if a child needs a chewy, they need to have it available to them. For kids who are lower functioning, they will not keep the chewy in their pocket and they will break or chew right through the retractable strings that some chewies come with. Some will tolerate wearing a break-away {Read More}

Chewy Tubes

Chewy tubes are the perfect shape and texture for practicing chewing and working on decreasing oral hypersensitivity. The long skinny shape is able to go back to the molar area in the mouth. A lot of baby toys are able to be gnawed on at the front of the mouth, but due to safety reasons they are built so that they can not go back very far in the mouth. This is good to keep kids from choking on toys, {Read More}