Purple Munchy Balls are Here

We just got purple Munchy Balls in stock. They are really cute and I know one specific youngster who will be so excited to hear the news (I haven’t told him because I want him to be surprised when he gets his). The purple balls won’t be included in the sets unless you specifically ask for them as we want to make sure that those who specifically want them will be able to get them. In January we will start {Read More}

Swimming for Letters

I played with foam letters with the kids in school where we rolled the dice and then fed the letters to the Munchy Ball, and now that it is summer, we took the game to the pool so that we could swim for the letters. The fun foam letters float, so it makes it easy to swim for them. We threw the color dice (it worked better on the deck than in the pool) and then swam to get that {Read More}

More Kinetic Sand Fun

I posted about Kinetic Sand last year after I saw it at the AOTA conference and fell in love with how fun it was (you can read that post here).  I did not have any of my own at that time, and it was not available in many stores yet.  Since then, I now have some Kinetic sand of my own, and you can find it in many many stores.  I find it so nice and relaxing to run my {Read More}

Messy Play and Fine Motor with Munchy Ball

Now that I have the new vinyl Munchy Balls, I was eager to use them in messy play.  I started simple with water beads, which are the perfect size to feed to the Munchy Ball.  It was fun to fill the ball up all the way and then have the ball spit out all of the beads.  We fed the water beads one at a time, and we had the Munchy Ball gulp up the beads by the mouthful.  The {Read More}

New Vinyl Munchy Ball for Fine Motor

I am excited that the vinyl Munchy Balls are in the shop and they have great resistance to work on fine motor skills and hand strengthening.  The great thing about them being vinyl balls is that they are washable, which is important when working in a clinic setting. When I got the first Munchy Balls that are made out of tennis balls, the question was put out there whether they were latex free.  The tennis balls are made of rubber, {Read More}