Marshmallow Men

We made some men out of marshmallows and toothpicks, and they were delicious.  We used multiple sizes of marshmallows for the different parts, and connected the parts with toothpicks. Some of these men were looking very funny, but they all tasted good in the end.  This is a fun food play activity to combine food and fine motor skills.  Sticking the mini marshmallows on the end of the toothpicks can require some skill.  It is great for working with both {Read More}

Ice Painting

Summer painting wouldn’t be complete without a little ice painting. I started with a little ice cube tray that I put water in and a drop of food coloring in each space. I also put a toothpick in each spot so that when it hardened in the freezer, each ice cube would have a little toothpick handle. The kids started out using the toothpick handles, but they didn’t last long, so they painted by holding on to the ice. The {Read More}

Building with Toothpicks and Gumdrops

I saw this on a preschool activity site, and saw a lot of therapy potential in it. You can have a client build their own designs and structures, or you could have them copy a design that you show them. This is a good activity that incorporates playing with food, and fine motor skills. You stick toothpicks into the gumdrops to create shapes. Putting in the toothpicks is great for developing the small intrinsic muscles of the fingers. Copying a {Read More}