Therapists tend to be very creative people, and frequently come up with new ways to work on skills and adapt techniques.  The goal of Therapy Fun Zone is to share ideas and foster creativity.  There are so many therapists who have created products, and now they can offer those products along side other products created by other therapists.  The products may be as simple as a free digital download of a home program that you created, or as big as a manufactured piece of equipment.

Whether you are an OT, PT, SLP, or you do home therapy with your own child, come join in the group here at Therapy Fun Zone and become a shop owner.  It is simple to do, and can recharge and build that creative bug.

It is a lonely world out there as a therapist with creative ideas and you don't know what to do with them.

At Therapy Fun Zone you can set up your shop and instead of selling your few products on your own site by themselves, you can join other therapists on a site with lots of traffic. 

It is free to open your own shop and you keep 70% of the sales while Therapy Fun Zone keeps just 30%.  This is a better rate than selling wholesale.