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Flower Garden Fine Motor and Visual Motor Challenge

I was looking for an activity that would give a good challenge to the visual motor system as well as challenge fine motor control. I wanted quite a bit of visual motor reaching and grasping while in prone. In one school that I work in, I have access to suspended equipment, which is rare, so […]


Clothespin Flower Game

It is time for spring and flowers, so how about a new clothespin game where you have to build the flower petal by petal and use the clothespin to hold the petals onto the flower. There are several different ways to play the game.  The most simple way is to shoot the flat marble down […]


Flower Writing Lines

Spring is here and it is time to brighten things up with flower activities. I created a craft to draw on the flower petals, cut them out, and then glue them onto a paper.  The petals have light lines to trace with zig-zags, loops, lines, and circles. I also included a page that you just […]


Paper folded flowers

I like to work on many skills within the same activity, and these folded flowers definitely do that.  I discovered these via pinterest, and they are originally on Whimsical World of Laura Bird. I often have kids that need to work on writing small enough to fit into a specified space, such as writing answers […]


Flower Bouquet

Here is an activity to make a paper flower bouquet. I created some flower templates, but my daughter said that they were too hard, so I simplified them, and these ones are much easier. You could print the template one time onto card stock and then have the student trace it onto colored paper and […]


Drawing flowers and cutting

I often as a basic skills task have  my students draw flowers, color them and then cut them out.  It is a task that I can have most of my kids in therapy do and then modify it for difficulty and change things if I want to work on one specific thing.  Sometimes it can […]


Visual Motor Skills and Cutting With Scissors

Being able to cut with scissors requires many skills, starting with the physical motor ability to sit at a table, the fine motor ability to hold the scissors, and the strength to open and close the scissors. In order to follow lines and shapes and to cut them out with scissors, you need to have […]


Game to Practice Erasing and Writing

Hey, John, your letters look really good in that sentence, but I am having trouble seeing what you wrote because you didn’t erase the first one you wrote well enough.  Have you ever run into this problem? Is it a struggle to get your kids to erase well enough so that they can fix their […]


A Bunch of Bee Themed Activities

To work on pencil control, it really is great to do activities where you are having to control your pencil.  For this I use pencil paths, pencil adventures, circles, and coloring. I really enjoyed using the flower honeycomb activity that I made for doing circles, and I wanted to have some more activities that would […]


More Q-Tip Painting Templates

When I first gave a student q-tips to paint with, she did a lot of smearing and squishing of the paint on the paper.  She was working those fine muscles of the hand, but there was a little something missing from the picture.  It was a very nice masterpiece, but lacked the lovely dots that […]


Coloring and Cutting Shapes for a Picture

For this activity, we are incorporating very simple coloring and cutting of easy shapes. Then you can put those shapes together to make a pretty picture to take home. Two simple designs to choose from are a flower or a butterfly. With the flower, you have a circle for the center and ovals for the […]


Citrus Orchard Play Dough with Printable

Winter in Southern California is orange season, and the smell of citrus is just wonderful.  I made an orchard play dough mat and made some orange and lemon play dough to go along with it.  To make the experience even better, I added lemon essential oil to the yellow play dough and citrus/orange essential oil […]


Rubbery Marshmallow Play Dough

I have joined some other bloggers to share recipes and posts about sensory dough called the Twelve Months of Sensory Dough, and this month’s play dough is snow dough. When I think of snow, I think of white, and since marshmallow fluff worked so well in the sweet potato play dough, then I thought I […]


Using tiny toys (Zinkies) as fine motor manipulatives

I love tiny toys to use when working on fine motor skills, and the cuter the better. Even better is when they come with little places to put the toys. For example, this little train play set , which are smaller than Squinkies, came with a little train to put the little animals into. It […]