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Bouncy Ball Hand Skills

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Bouncy balls. Gotta love em. They come in all sizes, and as their name suggests, boy are they bouncy. They are very engaging to kids and they are fun in so many ways

I love this activity because you can be so concrete with your directions. Hold the blue ball with your finger and thumb. Now put the blue ball back in your hand and hold the red ball with your fingers. It’s motivating too because how can you NOT have fun when bouncy balls are involved. I can’t imagine it.

It works great with other manipulatives as well. I like to use little insects, the bug erasers, and the little mini fruit manipulatives. It is great to have the kids move the little manipulatives around in their hand and then feed the munchy ball.


Items needed:
Bouncy balls

other manipulatives

Skills worked on:
Fine motor
In-hand manipulation

• Use money/coins instead of balls
• Use marbles — marbles are easier than the bouncy balls because they are smoother and don’t stick together.
• Use money by feel. Move a certain coin to your palm and fingers without looking.

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Tonya is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and loves creating things to work on skills and solve problems.

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