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Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees

One of the Kindergarten classes that I visited today was making Christmas Trees out of ice cream cones. First you get a sugar cone, the kind with the pointy tip. Then you spread green frosting all over the cone. You can use red licorice…
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Cake Pops, a cooking activity with sensory and fine motor

I have seen these cake pops around the internet, and they look so cute.  I thought that it would be fun to have a holiday party and decorate cake pops.  Instead of a cookie party, we would do cake pops.  As I was making them,…
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Why bouncing is good for eating skills

When talking about oral-motor skills and eating, you don’t usually think immediately of bouncing on a ball as a treatment technique. Well, think again. Bouncing on a large therapy ball, either supported or unsupported, stimulates muscle co-contractions.…
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Using Stickers in Therapy

When pulling up pants or getting your shirt aligned, or trying to get your socks on, sometimes it is just hard to reach some spots. I am not sure why, but stickers are a big motivator for kids. Some children with tactile hypersensitivity do…
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Quick Tip; necklaces to simulate dressing

Use Necklaces to simulate getting a shirt over your head, and bracelets to simulate getting a sock on toes.