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Coloring and Cutting Heart Bugs and Caterpillars

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Last year I made some really cute heart butterflies, and wanted to increase it by having other bugs to make too.  They make cute little valentine love bugs.

heart bugs for coloring and cutting

The bugs are very similar to the heart butterflies with the same template shapes, but changed in order to look more like ladybug type of bugs.  You can also put several together to make cute little heart caterpillars.

heart-bugs-colored-copy  heart-bugs-copy  heart-bugs-caterpillar-colo  heart-bugs-caterpillar-whit

I did the same thing with the bugs that I did with the butterflies last year.  I had the kids glue their bugs onto my base paper so that they could write at the side of the paper what their favorite thing about valentines day is.  Some of the kids colored with good detail, and some were happy to have each heart just one color.

I have the basic white hearts that require coloring, and then I made some colored hearts in case you want to focus on just the cutting and gluing process.



  • Fine motor
  • scissor cutting
  • handwriting
  • visual perceptual


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Tonya is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and loves creating things to work on skills and solve problems.

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