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Make Button Flowers

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Flowers make a great spring time activity, and there are so many ways to incorporate flowers into therapy to work on fine motor, visual motor, and coordination. I have many flower activities, such as ones that use clothes pins, but today we are using buttons in our flower activity. It is so simple to make your own button flower, and all you need is some felt, pipe cleaner, and buttons. I will show you how to make the simple version, and then you can see some more complicated versions that I have available.

First, you need a green pipe cleaner (or any color really). You thread the pipe cleaner through the button holes and wrap the extra pipe cleaner under the button so that it stays in place. I add a  couple of loops under the button that look like leaves. This keeps the felt flower from going all of the way down the pipe cleaner when you button it on.

You need to cut out some flower shapes and cut a button hole in the center. You can double the flower and hot glue the two pieces together for stability, or just keep it as a single piece (I like to double mine). Now you have the flower to button onto your pipe cleaner stem.

I have made some sturdy versions of these button flowers that can be slid into their bouquet sleeve. My version has a felt stem that is wrapped around pipe cleaner so that it can bend, and the button is attached with ribbon. I have doubled up my flowers so that you can button two colors as one flower.

Now you can make a flower bouquet and work on fine motor skills at the same time.

Here is a picture of the button flowers that are available in the shop.



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