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Twister with a Twist

Twister is a good game to work on motor planning and gross motor skills. My nephew is autistic and he is very motivated by words and writing so we incorporated words into a game of twister to work on his motor planning skills. Put a strip…
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Tea Party

A tea party is fun for both young and old.  It is even more fun when you use a nice china tea set and fancy linens.  It can be really fun and motivating when real food and real drink is used.  Preparation and clean-up is of course a big…
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Quick Tip; Stickers

Put stickers on the client’s forearms to encourage supination when finding the stickers to take them off.

Things I like about being a Therapist

  I don’t have to wear business clothes to work I wear comfortable shoes to work I get to play with kids I use my creativity in my job I get to make and invent things, such as adaptive equipment, splints, corner chairs I work…
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Where has this game been all my life.  Actually, I played this game as a kid, and I have played it as therapy in the past, but I just re-discovered it as a therapy activity.  It is a perfect game for in hand manipulation skills or for…
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I really want to pronounce this game Bloke-us, but I think that it is pronounced Block-us. Anyway, to the game. I bet everyone else has heard of and played this game before, so what rock have I been hiding under. This game is awesome for…