Flower Garden Clothespin Game

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The full game has three parts, not including the free version. There is the simple flat one page of flowers to clip matching letter leaves onto. It is a simple letter or color matching activity for those who need the simplicity.

The second game is the flower garden using popsicle sticks. You velcro the flowers with capital letters onto the popsicle sticks, and have leaves with lower case letters to match them to. The popsicle sticks poke into rice or play doh so that they stand up, and the kids have to scan all of the flowers to find the one that they need. I stuck the flowers onto the popsicle sticks with velcro and put more velcro below the flowers for the matching leaves to be placed onto. It is a visual motor challenge to scan and find the right flower or color in the pack of flowers. Fine motor skills are used when you pull the flowers out and stick the matching leaf on.

The third game includes a flower game board that uses clothepins to move around each petal on the board. You roll either a color die and move to the next petal of that color, or you can roll a regular die and move the number of petals.  Each petal has a number on it, so when you land on a petal you pick out that number of pieces of pollen and clip the pollen onto the bee. You can use either the blank pollen and count the number of pollen at the end to see who wins.  You could also use the pollen with number on them so that when you pick a pollen, you have to tally up the number so the winner is the person with the highest total number rather than more pieces of pollen. Some older kids need more of a challenge and more rules to keep them interested. I also have created some cards that can be read, answered and written after each turn.  This adds a social aspect with writing etc.

In all of the games, I generally have the kids write the letter that they are matching, or write a word that starts with that letter.

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