Sugar Bugs Fine Motor Game

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The goal of the game is to get all six of your bug legs before your opponent while incorporating writing practice and fine motor strengthening.


Included in digital download:

  • Game board (regular, with colors, with letters, and with letters and colors
  • 4 Bugs
  • writing cards (letters, words, sentences)

Not included (you must provide):

  • clothespins
  • 1 dice or 1 color dice
  • game markers


Print out and laminate the game boards, cards, and bugs. In the game, the pieces will move clockwise around the spiral board. Have the bugs and clothespins ready to use.

Starting The Game

Roll the dice and move your game piece the number of spaces indicated. The number in the space will indicate how many legs (clothespins) you can clip onto your bug.

When you draw a card, you write the letter, word, or sentence that is on the card.

Winning And Losing The Game

The player who gets all of the legs for their bug first wins.

Alternate Rules

You can add your own flash cards to help study and learn different subjects. You could use multiplication cards or any subject. You can use the color board to roll a color and go to that color.

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