Frequently Asked Questions

Faq - General

The shop is transitioning to the community shop, and you probably bought your download at the old shop.  Go over to the old shop and then you can sign in there, go to your account page and your purchases, and then there will be a link for you to download your items.

Yes, you can become a vendor and sell your therapy items here as well. The more therapy products available, the better for everyone.

It is free for you to be a seller. You just have to sign up and be approved to sell. Then you can add your products and sell them.

No, you do not have to become a seller to share.  You would only need to be a seller if you would like to sell and make money on your created items. Otherwise, you can join and become a member with the discount membership or the premium membership. Both memberships give you access to group documents where you can upload your own documents to share with others for free. Only members can see and access these documents. You can learn more about the memberships here.

Faq - Membership

No, you can purchase any of the items without becoming a member (except for the memberships-those will make you a member). The memberships give you a discount on the therapy fun zone products (only on the products created by me). They also give you access to files that have been shared in the group documents by me and other members.

When you become a member, you are automatically signed up with a yearly subscription. You can cancel the subscription part at any time and just renew it manually when you want to. If you cancel the subscription, your membership will remain active for the year, and then will become inactive once the year is over, and you will need to manually renew it if you would like it to continue.

Faq - Seller

It is free to become a seller, but I do recommend that you become a member as well, because then you can interact with other members and share free things with them.

As a free seller member, you get 60% commission on your sales, meaning you will receive 60% of the sale, and Therapy Fun Zone will receive 40% of the sale.  If you are a Discount Member, you will receive 70% of your sales, and as a Premium Member, you will receive 80% of your sales.

You can include free items.  It is always great for therapists to be able to find great free printables to use.

No, only the Therapy Fun Zone items are free to premium members. You choose how your items are labeled and you would likely not choose to have them be a premium member benefit (unless you really wanted to).