Faq - General

I bought some downloads in the shop and now can't log in to access them.

The shop is transitioning to the community shop, and you probably bought your download at the old shop.  Go over to the old shop and then you can sign in there, go to your account page and your purchases, and then there will be a link for you to download your items.

Faq - Membership

Do I have to become a member to buy stuff

No, you can purchase any of the items without becoming a member (except for the memberships-those will make you a member). The memberships give you a discount on the therapy fun zone products (only on the products created by me). They also give you access to files that have been shared in the group documents by me and other members.

Do I have to have an automatically renewing membership

When you become a member, you are automatically signed up with a yearly subscription. You can cancel the subscription part at any time and just renew it manually when you want to. If you cancel the subscription, your membership will remain active for the year, and then will become inactive once the year is over, and you will need to manually renew it if you would like it to continue.