The objective of Therapy Fun Zone has always been about sharing information and sharing ideas. We have reached the point where it is beneficial to have a dedicated space for therapists to connect, share documents, and get information and inspiration. I felt like it needed to be a more private place than on the blog for the whole world to see. We little private segment of the internet where therapists can feel at home, and can share their forms that they created and home programs, etc. I want to make sure that the community has real value for everyone who joins, so I created three different types of membership.

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Within the groups, there is the ability to add your own documents into files, so that we can share different documents that we have all created and can find them in an organized way. The discount membership is for sharing information and sharing our documents, with the added bonus of the exclusive content that I share, and the 50% discount off of all of the digital downloads that I have created and will continue to create. The premium membership has the same benefits of the discount membership, but with free access to all of the therapy fun zone digital downloads.

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