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Fruit Munching Fine Motor Activies

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The kids have been having fun feeding Munchy Ball mini fruit, and I have come up with several games for the kids to play in order to work on specific skills. I had made dice that have one of the fruit types on each side of the die so that we…

Make a fine motor balance tree

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It is great to work on fine motor control away from the body, as that gives more of a challenge to the muscle control. You have to have control and coordination to balance and stack small objects onto a surface. i have the game scatterpillar…

Token Board template

I needed to make a token board for a student that I work with, and thought I would share the template that I created. I have worked with many students that use token systems, but the token boards were always made by the teacher. This student…

Current Monthly Specials

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We have just started February, so a  February fun sale is in order to start  the month.  Get 15% off everything in the store. The sale will last just for the weekend and ends Monday, so this is your chance to stock up.  The snow man and…

Bimanual Task Stencil Tracing on a Board

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Getting both hands to work together can be fun, and if you add a vertical surface, then you are able to really get some good bimanual practice. A great way to work both hands is to trace around a stencil on a vertical chalk board or white board.…

Parenting Prep: How to Get Ready for a Baby When You're Living with a Disability

We have a guest post today by Ashley Taylor from all about preparing for a child. Preparing for a new child comes with a lot of responsibilities and careful thought. There’s a lot to consider, from making changes…

A smaller munchy ball pet

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For some little hands, the Munchy Ball is a little too big, and a bit hard to squeeze but it works on so many great skills.  I have searched for smaller balls to use, but have not had any success in finding ones that would work. When working…

Spacing Between Words

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As part of writing legibility, second to recognizable letters, spacing between words is very important. If there is not a noticeable space between words that is double to triple the space between letters, then all of the words run together to…

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