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Search and Find Fine Motor

Everyone has those days where you just need to pull an activity out of your bag that is simple and requires no extra preparation. I have quite a few of those types of activities lurking at the bottom of my bag, and a favorite is the alphabet…
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I Love Using Color Pop

I love using the color pop game in therapy. Ever since I created it, it has become my go to for many therapy sessions because it is so basic, and can be so easily modified to work on so many different areas that I want to address.  Since I…
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Color Pop Game For Fine Motor and Writing

The color pop game is a great game that incorporates quite a few skills within one game. Some of the skills used in the game are fine motor, visual scanning, writing, counting, and finding coordinates on a chart. I use either colored porcupine…
refine coordination with chopsticks
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Mature and refined grasp patterns, as well as in hand manipulation, require use of the small finger muscles, and they use the two sides of the hands separately. It can be challenging learning how to coordinate the pinky finger side of the hand…
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20 + Small Manipulatives for Fine Motor

When looking in my therapy bag, there are a few things that I always have with me. For higher level fine motor work, I always like to have small little manipulatives and some Training Chopsticks. I have posted about these items before, but they…
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Fun this week with tennis ball mouths

Just a glimpse of the fun had this week with tennis ball heads. I have another post about the tennis ball heads that turn into vampires.
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Scatterpillar Scramble: A Fun Game for fine motor skills

It is always fun to find a fine motor games that work on so many great Occupational Therapy skills, and Scatterpillar Scramble is one of those games.  The Caterpillar is standing up tall, and each of his legs has a little cup at the end of…
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Guest Post: Conversation Heart Bingo

Here is an easy bingo game for some Valentine's Day fine motor fun.  This activity was submitted by Barbara Bailey.  Make the dice by fastening corresponding colors to a wooden or foam cube. To play the game, pour candy hearts into…
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iPad Chopsticks

It is no secret that I have an affinity for using chopsticks to work on developing high level fine motor control, and I figured out a way to use them with the iPad. I was playing a game on the iPad that requires pinching your fingers together,…
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Using tiny toys (Zinkies) as fine motor manipulatives

I love tiny toys to use when working on fine motor skills, and the cuter the better. Even better is when they come with little places to put the toys. For example, this little train play set , which are smaller than Squinkies, came with a little…
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Interview/podcast about early intervention

I recently did an interview with Maritsa over at Raising Playful Tots, and it has just been posted.  The interview lasts about 50 minutes, and is worth the listen.  Maritsa had some great questions that were fun to answer, and some that were…
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Sentence Memory With Chopsticks

I have been doing this sentence memory activity periodically with a small group of kids. I decided to do it again and add the challenge of chopsticks along with the sentences. To summarize, I have the sentences typed on a piece of paper, and…