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I Love Using Color Pop

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I love using the color pop game in therapy. Ever since I created it, it has become my go to for many therapy sessions because it is so basic, and can be so easily modified to work on so many different areas that I want to address.  Since I use it so much, I have been looking to find a good source for all of the components and I now have a physical version available .


Materials Included:

  • Tub
  • Colored pom poms (20 each of 6 colors) to use as popcorn
  • 2 tweezers for picking up popcorn
  • 2 clothespins as popcorn pickers
  • tongs
  • Coordinates chart
  • color dice
  • bouncy dice

You need to provide:

  • paper
  • pencil
  • container for sorting (optional)

Optional tools you can provide:
chopsticks to pick up pom poms
spoon to use


The board has colors at the top, and numbers on the left, so the kids roll both dice to get their top color and their number.
They then have to find the corresponding word or letter on the chart. Once they find their word or letter they can write it down. Lastly they pick up the right number of popcorn pieces in the color that they rolled, and put them in their container or spot in front of them. The winner of the game is the one with the most popcorn at the end.

If I want to add more writing challenge, I will sometimes have the kids take their words and make them into a sentence. You can grade the difficulty of the activity by using chopsticks, spoon, tongs, or just fingers to pick up the popcorn. For younger kids, you can remove the writing and chart coordinates aspect and just have them count and get the right colors and put them into a corresponding container.

I use this game almost every day, and the kids don’t seem to get tired of it. Of course it is not all that we do, but they love that the game is really never the same because it has a lot of randomness built into it with the dice and letter/word board. Of course if given a choice, the kids would probably pick the stretchy cheese every time though.

You can pick up color pop in the shop.






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  1. The link for the color pop doesn’t work, would it be possible to see what it looked like?

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