Favorite Activities to Work on Shoulder Girdle Strengthening

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The shoulder girdle is very important in the functioning of the arms and the hands.  In order to use your hands efficiently, you need to have strong, stable shoulders for your arms to work off of.  Kids need to be able to easily reach up against…

In hand manipulation skills using broken crayons

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In order to work on in-hand manipulation skills with some kids, I decided to use little pieces of broken off crayon.  I had them hold two crayons at the same time, one in their palm, and one in their fingers.  Then I had them draw a shape…

A Magnet Game for Wrist Strengthening

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Once my son was able to get good active wrist extension after his broken arm, I began to think of ways to work on strengthening his wrist extension. He is at an age that he will do repetitive exercises, but I still wanted a game that would give…

Recovering range of motion and strength after a broken arm

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Back in October, my son fell when we were ice skating, and he broke his right arm. It started healing wrong and had to be re-broken to set it properly. He was casted in a full arm cast in wrist flexion. His arm was immobilized for more than…

Copying From the Board

copying from the board