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In hand manipulation skills using broken crayons

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In order to work on in-hand manipulation skills with some kids, I decided to use little pieces of broken off crayon.  I had them hold two crayons at the same time, one in their palm, and one in their fingers.  Then I had them draw a shape (I had circles and rainbows) with one color, manipulate the crayons in their hand to switch to the next one, and draw with the other color.

This was a challenge for all of the kids that I worked with, and I thought it would make a great home activity for the kids to do over school breaks.  I made some circle paper, and some rainbow paper, and I made a home program explaining what they were supposed to be doing.


circle practice copy

rainbows copy

small crayon home program



  • Fine motor
  • In-hand manipulation
  • handwriting


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