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Here are some different templates to print and practice cutting.

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Scissor Cutting Shapes: Pizza

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When working on cutting skills, it is fun to create something out of what you cut. This week I had some of my students make some pizza. I made a template for the shapes needed to make the pizza, and they traced the shapes, cut them out and glued them on to their paper. I…

Scissor Cutting Turkey Template

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Making Turkeys for Thanksgiving is a great time to incorporate a lot of skills into your therapy session. I love that the feathers are perfect for writing on and being able to create a thankful craft. Cutting with scissors is a skill that works on bimanual skills, motor planning, fine motor, etc. I have created…

Coloring and Cutting Shapes for a Picture

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For this activity, we are incorporating very simple coloring and cutting of easy shapes. Then you can put those shapes together to make a pretty picture to take home. Two simple designs to choose from are a flower or a butterfly. With the flower, you have a circle for the center and ovals for the…

Snow Man Dressing

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I saw a cute little snow man mentioned on a teacher’s site, and I thought it would be perfect to use in therapy.  The original source of the picture was from here, but I have made my own to cut out, color, and dress your snowman. There is a plain white picture to color and…

Coloring and Cutting Heart Bugs and Caterpillars

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Last year I made some really cute heart butterflies, and wanted to increase it by having other bugs to make too.  They make cute little valentine love bugs. The bugs are very similar to the heart butterflies with the same template shapes, but changed in order to look more like ladybug type of bugs.  You…

Bugs In a Jar Craft

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I started this craft thinking it would be so cute to cut out bugs and glue them onto a bug box like you caught the bugs.  This morphed into a jar, because a jar is see through, and a bug box is not.  It then morphed into a full game with clothespins and everything, but…

Base Paper

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When I do a cutting and gluing activity, I like to squeeze in some writing too, so I made this base paper that I use to glue the project onto. There is space on that right side of the paper to glue the craft, and then lines on the left side to write a little…

Making heart butterflies

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For a fun craft this year, I had the kids color hearts, cut them out, and make butterflies out of them.  I think that they made adorable little love bugs.  Maybe next I will create different bugs to be cut out, but for now it is butterflies. I had the kids glue their butterflies onto…

Mitten memory match

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Today we have a guest post submitted by Barbara Bailey.  This is an activity that she has made, and uses in the winter.  Now here it is in her own words (and pictures). This game works on visual memory and can be adapted to include a variety of gross motor challenges such as prone on…

Paper folded flowers

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I like to work on many skills within the same activity, and these folded flowers definitely do that.  I discovered these via pinterest, and they are originally on Whimsical World of Laura Bird. I often have kids that need to work on writing small enough to fit into a specified space, such as writing answers…

Jack-O-Lantern cutting and gluing

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Halloween is right around the corner, so here is a pumpkin template to cut out and glue on a piece of paper.  Cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth, and glue them on.  There is a white pumpkin in case you want your students to color it too. I then had my students write what…

A cute skeleton activity

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I found a blog post about printing out a skeleton onto magnet paper and then putting it together onto a magnetic door.  Here is a cute Skelly the Skeleton from the, to print out and use in Halloween activities.  I think that I may print it out and have the kids cut it out…

Flower Bouquet

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Here is an activity to make a paper flower bouquet. I created some flower templates, but my daughter said that they were too hard, so I simplified them, and these ones are much easier. You could print the template one time onto card stock and then have the student trace it onto colored paper and…

Making Christmas Trees with torn paper

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I did this activity on Monday.  I used the christmas tree cutting template that I made.  We cut out the shapes and glued them in place on one side of a piece of paper.  On the other side of the paper, I made lines to write on. This is the base paper that I like…

Scissor Cutting: Snow Man Template

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Here is a snow man template to color and cut.  The client has to draw the face and add any extra accessories. Here is a picture of the template. Here is a PDF file for the snow man template. Looking For More? Try these categories ADL Fine Motor Visual Perceptual Sensory Motor Planning Oral Motor

Scissor Cutting: Christmas Tree

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Here is a Christmas tree template for coloring, cutting and putting together.  First the finished product. Next, the template.  I have the template both plain white, and in colors. Here are the pdfs. Save Save Looking For More? Try these categories ADL Fine Motor Visual Perceptual Sensory Motor Planning Oral Motor

scissor cutting: gingerbread man

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I have been working on some new printables to cut out with scissors and paste together.  It is time to get into the winter and holiday spirit, so here is my gingerbread man.  First is the finished product. Here is the template to color and cut. Here is the PDF file to print out. Looking…

Scissor cutting designs — car

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I have created more scissor cutting designs.  Have the client color it in, cut out the shapes and glue it all together.  Here is a car design. Here is the link to the PDF finished sample. here is the PDF for the cut out template. Looking For More? Try these categories ADL Fine Motor Visual…

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