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Rainbow Puzzle game

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I made a fun little game for spring with rainbows and words.  I call it the rainbow puzzle game, and you can download it for free (you can also find it in the shops).  You have to roll 3 dice first, a number dice, a color dice, and a word dice.   You remember what you rolled.  Scooter board over to the rainbow puzzle pieces and get the correct number of pieces of the right color of the rainbow.  Then you scooter board back and place your pieces on the rainbow, then write down the word that you rolled earlier.


This is multi-step memory, but can be made simpler by rolling the word dice at a different point in the game, or letting the kids take the word dice with them to help them remember.  I love having the scooter board in the middle of the activity, but you could easily substitute another similar body movement like crab walk, or wheelbarrow walking.


Print out the dice parts and glue the dice parts onto 1 inch cubes to make the dice. I recommend printing the colored rainbows onto magnet paper to use on a cookie sheet so that they would stay in place. Also print out the blank rainbows on regular paper as your template to put the rainbow pieces on. You can print a sample colored rainbow to help the kids know where to place the colors.


Cut out the separate colors of the rainbows on the magnet paper, then cut into puzzle pieces.



  • fine motor
  • handwriting
  • visual perception
  • visual memory
  • multi step commands
  • memory through multi step commands
  • gross motor strengthening
  • sensory motor

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Tonya is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and loves creating things to work on skills and solve problems.

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