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When providing Occupational Therapy to kids, I often work on fine motor skills, which includes handwriting skills. I frequently will draw paths for kids to follow with their pencils, and make animals beside the path to make it fun to try to stay on the path and not get eaten. I have made these Pencil Adventures so that practicing pencil control can be fun.


  • Have the child follow the path.  You may need to tell them where they are to go first and read to them what they are supposed to do.
  • I like to laminate these and use them over and over with dry erase markers or dry erase crayons.

There are three sets of Pencil Adventures and they are all unique. You can check out the posts about them.


You can find the pencil adventures in the store as well.





New Pencil Adventures with halloween, race car letters and more

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I finally completed another set of pencil adventures.  These have been partially done for ages, and I made a big push to finish them completely.  There are 7 of them, and include: The Cafeteria, Hawaiian Vacation, Ski Vacation, Halloween Haunted House, and 3 pages of race tracks that include race track letters to follow. Since…

Pencil Obstacle Courses from School-OT

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To work on pencil control, I created some Pencil Adventures.  When I started making the pencil adventures, I was inspired by the pencil obstacle courses that were created by another Occupational Therapist, Jennifer Dodge.  I now have her obstacle courses available here on Therapy Fun Zone, and I am so excited about it.  These ones…

New Pencil Adventures With Dragons and Mummies

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I finished making four new pencil adventures, and my son was eager to try them out. While he was doing them, he commented that it was hard to stay on the path, and that his hand was getting tired from working at being so careful. In the dragon adventure, you have to avoid the dragon’s…

Pencil Obstacle Course

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Very frequently, I draw a path for kids to follow with their pencil.  I often draw animals beside the path to make it fun and tell them they have to stay on the path so that the lion won’t get them.  I have wanted to have some fun ready made ones, but they are hard…

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