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How do you follow the blogs you love?

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So do you love keeping up with blogs and following along with their posts?  Do you wonder what the best way to follow a blog is?  At one point, the tried and true way to follow a blog was through google reader, but that way no longer exists.  There are a few options that you have to consider, and you have to use what works for you.  The one that I use is Feedly.com.  I know that a lot of people use bloglovin.com (Follow my blog with Bloglovin ).  The other option is to sign up for a newsletter email, or follow the feed on Feedburner.  Another option is following a facebook page as the posts generally get shared there (facebook is not always as reliable as following via a blog reader though).  Here is a long list of OT facebook pages, and OT blogs.  A final way to follow blogs is on the kindle , and there are several apps for reading blogs.


What is your favorite way to keep up with blogs?

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  1. I prefer to follow blogs by receiving an email regarding every post. I have tried other methods – my most favorite was iGoogle which is also not available anymore. Is there anything like that out there currently? I tried bloglovin and didn’t feel the lovin…

  2. I use feedly to follow all of my favorite blogs. I was really bummed when Google Reader was no longer an option, but I really love feedly.

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