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Therapy “Magic”

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There are times when it feels like people expect a “magical” result from therapy. It is an impossible expectation to live up to as really, there is no magic.

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The other day though, I was evaluating a student who had one of the most interesting grasps on a pencil that I had ever seen. I worked with him a little, tried some different grips and techniques (the pencil grips did nothing to help his grip), and figured out a way to get him to use the modified tripod grasp with really good success. I called over another therapist to see the therapy “magic”. Then I showed her his starting grip. It will take some work and practice to get the functional grip to be automatic, but most people other than Occupational Therapists would probably not have attempted to try the grasp that worked for him. That is what the OT “magic” is.

The OT “magic” happens because we try things that many people don’t think of trying. It is the knowledge that we have gained working with many different clients. It is the result of good observational skills. It is the ability to problem solve. It is the ability to think outside of the box. It is the result of creativity. It is the ability to analyze motor movements. It is the ability to observe and analyze responses.


I find myself at times forgetting how much I know that other people don’t know. Many of the things that I do in therapy now are second nature, and they come naturally and automatically. I unconsciously think that everyone knows what I know, and I need reminders every once in a while that not everyone has my training, so it is worthwhile teaching and working and training others.

That is what the OT “magic” is. It is our knowledge and our sharing of the knowledge with caregivers so that we can all make a difference in a client’s life.

Remember, The “magic” is not necessarily what we as therapists do with the student, but is in the knowledge that we impart.

Have you had any “magic” moments lately?

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