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A Tree Made From A Pool Noodle and Pipe Cleaners

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This was kind of a spontaneous activity. I had pool noodles, and I had pipe cleaners that I was planning to use to thread the letter beads onto, so I stuck the pipe cleaners into the pool noodles to make a tree. The tree worked beautifully to thread the beads onto, and the pipe cleaners were really easy to poke into the pool noodle.

pool noodle tree

The pool noodle was even able to stand up by itself. The kids were rushing to put beads onto the pipe cleaners, so they wouldn’t let me put very many pipe cleaners in. I will use this activity again, and add more pipe cleaners.

pool noodle tree 2

Some of the kids were working on finding the letters of their name in the alphabet beads, where others were just putting the beads on in any configuration.


  • Pool noodle
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Beads


  • Fine motor
  • Bimanual
  • Motor planning

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